Invisalign Treatment in Brampton

Invisalign can align your teeth and improve your smile in as little as six months.

Invisalign Braces in Mouth

Traditional braces vs. Invisalign clear aligners

You don’t necessarily have to get braces if you want to straighten your teeth.

Traditional braces are bonded to your teeth. Wires are threaded through them and adjusted to move your teeth to the desired position over time.

However, once they’re on your teeth, they’re on for the duration of your treatment.

Invisalign 101

Invisalign is the new and updated alternative to traditional braces. It involves a series of removable clear plastic trays. But unlike braces, you can take them out for easier cleaning.

With Invisalign, individual trays are formed to move your teeth to a new position until the desired result is achieved.

The average treatment takes about a year and helps to correct:

  • crowding
  • overbites
  • under-bites
  • gaps between teeth

We offer the Invisalign system at our Brampton dental practice.

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When traditional braces are needed

Think of how your upper and lower teeth are in an arch-shaped row. This is called the arch.

If one of your teeth is out of alignment with the rest of the teeth in the arch, then fixed braces may be needed. It may be a ‘move’ Invisalign can’t make.

That’s just one example of when fixed braces might work better.

We’ll talk to you about how best to straighten your teeth and whether Invisalign or fixed braces are the way to go in your case. We’ll always make sure to answer your questions before starting your treatment.

The way Invisalign works

Invisalign treatments start with your dentist taking your teeth’s impression (mould).

These models are scanned so that we can create a digital 3-D replica of your teeth.

Next, we manipulate that digital model, creating a sequence of movements your teeth will make – from crooked to straight teeth. Each movement in the sequence results in the construction of a tray. A safe medical-grade plastic is used to build the trays.

With this treatment, the teeth are moved in small intervals, with lesser force on the teeth with each tray used. The number of trays needed depends on your specific case.

Trays are usually changed every two weeks, whereas adjustments to wires in fixed braces generally happen every six weeks. They must be worn between 20 and 22 hours per day for optimal results.

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