You are what you eat: 6 snacks for healthy teeth

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or is it that the dentist?

Every one knows that proper oral health begins with brushing and flossing. But did you know a proper nutritious diet could affect the health of your teeth? Without the right nutrients, your teeth and gums are more susceptible to disease and decay.

Avoid Sugar

The average Canadian over a year eats the equivalent of 40 kg of sugar. Sugar is one of main causes of dental problems. Here are some tips to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet.

Try to choose sugar-free snacks. Add less or even stop adding sugar to your coffee or tea. Avoid sugar-sweetened soft drinks at all costs. Read your food labels carefully! Honey, molasses, liquid invert sugar, glucose and fructose are all types of sugar.

Sticky Sweets are the worst

Sweets like toffee, taffy, and caramel cling to teeth and are harder to remove from brushing. If you are going to eat sweets, eat them as part of your meal, rather than as a snack. The increased flow of saliva during a meal helps to wash and dilute the sugar away. Where possible, carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste with you. If you are unable to brush your teeth after a sweet or meal, wash your mouth out with water or eat a piece of fibrous fruit (apple) or raw vegetable. Remember, brushing is best!

Six Foods for Pearly Whites

Avoiding sugar and starch while key to a beautiful smile, certain foods can promote a healthy mouth.

Apples – A rich source of fiber and water, apples help clean the teeth while providing malic acid that boost saliva production.

Cheese – Eating cheese can make your teeth whiter and stronger. The calcium, phosphorus and proteins found in most cheese protect teeth from decay and inhibit the gradual loss of enamel.

Strawberries – For brightening grab some strawberries rich in ascorbic acid.

Carrots – Crunch on a carrot to stimulate salvia production to reduce the harmful affects that acids and enzymes in the mouth have on enamel.

Spinach – The iron in spinach helps polish the teeth, preventing stains and protects from acid erosion.

Nuts & Seeds – Nuts and seeds help remove plaque simply by crunching them. Walnuts and flax seeds help reduce gum disease.

Check out this list of 6 foods that are great for strong and healthy teeth and gums.

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