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Teeth Whitening

If you live in or near Brampton, discover how you can whiten your teeth on your own, at home—with help from us.

We use an affordable and highly effective at-home teeth whitening kit that follows our profession’s standards and practices for this popular area of oral health care.

Are you looking for a brighter, whiter smile? People of all ages can benefit from our at-home teeth whitening kits.

Learn more about how at-home teeth whitening helps.

In Brampton, Call 905-791-3867 to start getting whiter teeth.

We welcome new patients who want to brighten stained teeth or to correct discoloured teeth.

What sets our at-home teeth whitening kit apart?

Our whitening kits are easy to use and gets results: you’ll see whiter, brighter teeth when you look at yourself in the mirror. Others will see the same when they see you smile.

The reason: bleaching.

Our kits use a bleaching gel that contains carbamide peroxide. It changes to hydrogen peroxide, like you have at home, when combined with water.

Small elements in that newly formed liquid substance, the oxidizing agents, enter your teeth through tiny, naturally occurring channels in the enamel. That’s the hard exterior of your teeth; it’s actually mainly clear and has no colour.

These small particles of the bleaching gel have one destination: the dentin, the middle layer of your teeth, between the enamel and pulp. That’s where the colour of your teeth forms, and where stains form.

Other features of our at-home teeth-whitening system

The equipment is completely sterile and we use the latest and top-of-the-line materials and methods, including:

  • Custom made precision- fit whitening trays, and
  • Nite White whitening gel.

Please note: some conditions may contraindicate treatment, for example:

  1. Front teeth with existing fillings. The whitening solution will whiten the teeth, but not the existing fillings, which may result in uneven whitening.
  2. If someone has very sensitive teeth to start with, then the whitening solution may end up increasing the sensitivity.

There are many benefits of teeth whitening. This is a service that patients often request at our dental office. As a result, we invite our adult patients to take advantage of our highly effective and medically approved tooth whitening kits. Ask our dentists or dental hygienists for more details and or if you have questions.

As dentists, we assemble our kits with equipment and materials found through our professional supply chains.

Companies mass-producing off-the-shelf kits may not be able to get the same products or materials, or may use cheaper versions of them.

Another format, whitening strips, give you minimal and temporary results only. Our at-home teeth-whitening systems makes extensive and lasting changes to the colour and brightness of your smile by following a system—one backed by years of professional research.

It’s not clear yet whether bleaching lights, used in a dental office, work. Professional studies on this method are ongoing. So far, some studies have shown their whitening, brightening effect is only temporary, the result of heat and dehydration of the teeth.

Causes of stained and discoloured teeth

Your teeth, specifically the dentin, can lose their whiteness as a result of:

  • aging, an accident or injury
  • medications (e.g. tetracycline, an antibiotic used to treat urinary tract and other bacterial infections)
  • food and drink (e.g. coffee, red wine, soft drinks, chocolate)
  • smoking (e.g. tobacco, cannabis)

See us for whiter, brighter teeth!

In Brampton, call 905-791-3867 or email us to book an appointment to arrange for your at-home teeth-whitening kit.

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