Zoom Whitening in Brampton

A professional and affordable whitening system, Zoom Teeth Whitening can brighten your teeth by up to 8 shades or more in just one visit.

Before and After Zoom Teeth Whitening

Safe and affordable, our Zoom whitening treatments are done by trained professionals in the comfort of our dental office in the heart of Brampton.

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Whiten discoloured enamel & dentin with Zoom Teeth Whitening

Our Zoom in-office tooth whitening system targets and brightens stains on your tooth enamel (the outer covering or visible part of the tooth) and dentin (the part of the tooth beneath the enamel).

In most cases, stains on your teeth result from:

  • consuming food and drink such as coffee, tea, red wine, dark berries and tomato sauce
  • smoking
  • poor oral hygiene
  • aging
  • medications (e.g. tetracycline)
  • injuries or defects

Some stains, such as those caused by food and drink, are called extrinsic, meaning they’re closer to the tooth’s surface.

Intrinsic stains, such as those caused by aging, occur deeper in the tooth. These stains are usually yellow or brownish in colour, but can also show as gray or white.

The good news is that Zoom Whitening treatments brighten both extrinsic and intrinsic types of stains.

How Zoom Works

The Zoom system combines a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel that’s applied directly to stained teeth with a specially designed light directed at the stains to speed up the whitening process.

Your lips and gums are covered throughout the process to protect them. Only your teeth are exposed to the gel and light.

On average, this process takes about 45 minutes to complete, with more gel being added at 15-minute intervals.

Your teeth are then rinsed of the gel, and a fluoride-based solution is applied to prevent any sensitivity.

One of the main reasons this treatment is so popular is its long-lasting results. As a rule, most patients enjoy whiter and brighter smiles that last between one and four years.

The results can last even longer with good oral hygiene, watching what you eat and drink, quitting smoking and so on.

What you can do at home to whiten your teeth

After your appointment ends, we’ll give you instructions on how to retouch and maintain your newly whitened teeth using a set of whitening trays and hydrogen peroxide gel.

We can also do touch-ups, as needed, on your subsequent and routine dental visits.

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