Root Canals in Brampton

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If one of your teeth is causing you pain, see us. We can stop the pain and find out what’s been causing it.

It may be a bit more serious than a cavity requiring a filling. The pain may be from an infection in the pulp, one of the layers inside each of your teeth.

Usually the infection or inflammation is caused by bacteria getting into your tooth by way of a deep cavity, cracks or an earlier filling that has broken or worn away.

In many cases, a root canal does a lot of good.

A successful root canal:

  • gets rid of the infection, or treats the inflammation, which stops the pain and restores the tooth to good health
  • allows you to keep your original tooth instead of having it removed, which can lead to complications (e.g. remaining teeth drifting out of alignment) and the possibility of an artificial tooth being put in later

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Learn more about roots canals and how we help.

The role of pulp in your teeth

Your teeth have hard enamel exteriors. But inside each of them there are two other layers.

The pulp is the deepest layer of a tooth made up of soft tissue comprised of various blood vessels and nerve fibres.

Pulp does different things, including delivering nutrients to your teeth and making dentin.

Dentin is the protective layer between the pulp and the enamel. The dentin actually gives teeth their white color as the enamel, though the most outer layer of a tooth is basically clear.

In other words, healthy pulp keeps your teeth looking and feeling good.

How a root canal is done

It happens in roughly six steps. We start by:

  1. giving you a local anesthetic, or freezing the tooth
  2. placing a rubber dam around the tooth so your saliva, which carries bacteria, doesn’t get into the tooth
  3. opening the tooth to reach the pulp via a system of root canals
  4. removing the infected or inflamed pulp and cleaning out the canals
  5. filling the canal with the necessary material
  6. sealing the opening with a temporary or permanent filling

Like any dental procedure we provide, ensuring your comfort, physical and mental, during this treatment is very important to us.

In the past, root canals had bad raps, but our profession is mindful of minimizing and managing your stress.

That said, depending on your specific case, we may do the root canal ourselves, or we may refer you to a dentist who’s dedicated to the health and treatment of the pulp. These dentists are specialists called endodontists.

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