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We replace damaged, broken or missing teeth using dental crowns and bridges. They restore the function of your teeth and the uniqueness of your smile.

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Dental crowns

A dental crown is an artificial tooth that’s made and placed over a broken or damaged tooth, or to cap a tooth that’s had a root canal.

It will restore the shape, appearance and function of your old tooth.

What are dental crowns are made of?

A crown is made of several different but durable materials (e.g. composite, porcelain, metal). Not only is it tough, it also looks natural, like it belongs in your mouth—because it does!

We’ll talk with you about the best material to use in your case, taking into account the function and location of the tooth, and the look of surrounding teeth, as well as the cost for each material.

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) details the advantages and disadvantages of each material, if you wanted to read up before visiting us.

How does a crown fit on your tooth?

We can make and place the crown on your tooth right here in our office. In some cases, we may need to have a prosthodontist, a specialist in this area, do it for us.

It involves a multi-step process that goes like this:

  1. We take an impression of the tooth as is, before any work is done.
  2. Give you a local anesthetic (freezing) to the tooth being crowned.
  3. File down the tooth to fit the crown.
  4. Impression taken of filed-down tooth and surrounding teeth to act as a model for custom-making the crown.
  5. A temporary crown, based on the impression is taken of your original tooth, is placed on the now filed-down tooth to protect it while the crown is being made.
  6. The permanent crown is placed on the tooth and we check to make sure it fits, ensuring the shape, bite and colour is right.

Dental bridges

We can replace one or more missing teeth for you by creating a bridge that essentially spans the gap in the row of your teeth.

The bridge is joined to crowns on the surrounding teeth and to a replacement tooth or teeth that go into the space left by the missing tooth/teeth.

We’ll talk to you about the right material (e.g. ceramic, resin) to use for your specific case—everything from the function and location of the bridge, as well as the cost for each material.

There are different types of bridges that get used depending on the location and function of the missing or damaged teeth. Rest assured, we will review all of the options with you during your appointment with us. 

How a bridge is made

It depends, first, on whether you have healthy teeth on either side of the gap. This assumes you do:

  1. We file down the surrounding teeth to be fitted with the crowns.
  2. Impression of your teeth taken to act as model for custom-making of crowns and replacement tooth—the bridge.
  3. Temporary bridge placed on filed-down teeth and exposed gums in gap.
  4. At the next appointment, permanent bridge put in, crowns fitted on two surrounding teeth and cemented into place.

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