Children’s Dentistry in Brampton

“Every child deserves a beautiful smile.” Dr. F. Keshavarz Dentistry

Back-to-School dental visit for children

We make sure children (three years old and up) start with good oral health and smile and laugh as kids should.

Just like we do with our adult patients, we focus on prevention when treating kids. But we also offer restorative services as well.

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Nursing bottle tooth decay

We want to work with new parents to prevent things like nursing bottle decay.

That’s when a child loves to use the bottle or sippy cup – loves it so much that it’s difficult to wean them off by the recommended age of one year old.

There may be juice, milk or formula – all containing some amount of sugar that, with prolonged use, can damage the primary teeth. The decay mainly happens in two types of teeth:

  • upper (or maxillary) molars towards the back
  • upper incisors at the front

Preventing early childhood tooth decay

The best way to help protect your child’s teeth against naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth and sugars in liquids given to them is to provide fluoride treatments.

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) recommends bringing your child to the dentist for a first visit at one year old, or within six months of them getting their first tooth.

Get one of our starter kits for your child

We provide you and your child oral hygiene instruction starting with the first visit. This early education and awareness goes a long way to teaching good prevention of dental problems in kids.

Your child will also get a free dental starter kit, including a toothbrush, floss and toothpaste. And your child will get another one with every cleaning.

We want your young one’s initial visit—and all subsequent ones—to be positive. That’s how we’ll pave the way for good dental hygiene and oral health into young adulthood and beyond.

Mouth guards for sleep and sports

Once your child gets older and starts developing sleep habits, it may become clear that a mouth guard is needed.

Perhaps your child grinds or clenches teeth during sleep. Our custom-fitted night guards help prevent damage to teeth caused by this.

And, as children start to play sports at school, or afterschool, they may need a mouth guard. We make fully customized mouth guards for sports and other contact related activities.

Find out more on how we make custom fit mouth guards for sleep and sports.

Read on to learn more about children and dentistry.

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