Cosmetic Dentistry in Brampton

Cosmetic dental procedures improve the appearance and, in some cases, function of the teeth.
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Cosmetic Dentist in Brampton

Our Skilled Dentists provide Cosmetic Dentistry in Brampton to enhance the look, feel and health of your teeth. Our Cosmetic Dentists serve kids, teens, adults and seniors, ensuring you’ll smile even more and notice an increase in overall confidence.

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Cosmetic dentistry is designed to enhance your smile

When we look at ourselves in the mirror or when other people meet us – teeth are often the first thing they notice. As a result, when our teeth are broken, missing or not as white as they could be, we tend to become self-conscious.

The good news is that cosmetic dental services can help you smile with added confidence. Most noteworthy, you’ll smile more and friends and family will notice your increased self-confidence.

Who can get cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dental procedures are available to anyone who wants to enhance the look, feel and overall appearance of their teeth – and smile.

Cosmetic dentistry can be life-changing by dramatically improving the appearance of stained, uneven, chipped or even missing teeth. But is it right for you? Here are a few things you should know.

Our dental clinic provides a range of cosmetic dental procedures to help with broken, missing or stained teeth:


Take one of our bleaching kits home with you. After we take impressions of your upper and lower teeth, we make moulds of them which are used to create dental-bleaching trays. We put a specialized bleach solution into the trays. You take those trays home and wear them on your teeth for 30 minutes in the morning and again at night. You’ll do this for 10-12 days, all in the comfort of your own home.


Bonding is the placement of white filling material (composite resin) onto a tooth’s surface to repair a crack/fracture or enhance the appearance of your teeth. It helps to repair and enhance your appearance by closing gaps between teeth and fixing teeth that are chipped, broken, stained, or cracked.

Porcelain crowns

Maybe you’re just not happy with the way a tooth looks. Perhaps one of your teeth had to get a really big filling years before or, more recently, a root canal. We have the solution for all these cases: a porcelain crown to cap the tooth, ensuring the tooth will last you a long time and enhance your smile.

Porcelain veneers

We apply a thin layer of porcelain, usually on the front surface of a tooth to protect a damaged area, or to make it look better to you and to others by improving its shape, length and color.

Gum reshaping

Are your gums too high or too low on your teeth? If so, it just may not look good to you. When we reshape your gums, we’re creating the look of straighter and more symmetrical teeth. Consider having your gums reshaped if your gums rest too high or too low on your teeth.

Dental implants

If you’re missing any of your teeth—front or back—a titanium implant may be a way to replace it. When we put in an implant, we join it to the bone that your natural teeth rest on. Dental implants are a predictable and long-term solution for replacing a missing tooth or teeth.

Tooth re-contouring

In some cases, removing only small amounts of the contour of a tooth is all that’s needed to change its length, shape or feel. This procedure helps to balance your other teeth and thus increase your satisfaction with your smile.

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