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We provide custom-made dental night and sports guards that help and protect teeth from sustaining long term and preventable injuries.

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Dental mouth guards for sleep

Bruxism – also known as the grinding or clenching of teeth – can result in tooth damage and long term pain.

According to the Ontario Dental Association (ODA), one of the best ways to treat bruxism is by getting a customized mouth guard.

Grinding, clenching or gnashing teeth at night, during sleep, causes real damage if left untreated. Dental mouth guards protect against bruxism by:

  • preventing your teeth’s enamel from being worn away
  • cushioning your teeth, which helps absorb the force applied through these motions
  • limiting the range of motion of your jaw while you sleep

Diagnosing bruxism

During an oral exam, dentists look for irregular wearing patterns on the surface of your teeth. Besides the visual examination, talking helps, too.

Tell your dentist if you have headaches or neck pain when you wake up. Bruxism may be the cause.

Your dentist may also ask you about your stress and anxiety levels lately. Coming from your dentist, the question may surprise you, but stress and anxiety are major causes of bruxism.

Making the mouth guard

Your dentist first makes a mold of your upper and lower teeth.

That mold acts as the model for your mouth guard. Your dentist forms the protective material around the mold, shaping it so it fits your mouth securely and comfortably—so you can sleep while using it.

Customized dental mouth guards take approximately two weeks to make from start to finish.

Dental guards for sports

Getting struck by a ball, a puck or an opponent—just once—is all it takes to cause serious injury to your teeth and jaw.

A custom-fitting mouth guard is a vital piece of equipment for contact sports. It “acts as a cushion that redistributes the force of the blow, so the impact is absorbed more evenly,” explains Health Canada.

It’s also easy to use: just pop it in your mouth and go.

Easy to use and good protection: that’s why hockey players, boxers, basketball and squash players, and many more athletes, use sports mouth guards nowadays.

Making your mouth guard

Your dentist takes an impression, creating a 3-D model, of your teeth. Often it’s just your upper teeth, but it depends on the sport.

Molding the protective material around each tooth, your dentist creates a mouth guard that fits the specific shape, position and alignment of your teeth.

It usually takes two weeks to make a mouth guard for you to use when playing or competing.

The custom-made advantage

A custom mouth guard costs more than an over-the-counter type found at a sporting goods or drugstore. But the extra cost is worth it.

You get the best protection and the lack of distraction from an ill-fitting guard. All you have to focus on is the action.

Whether playing for a school team, at an amateur or professional level, a mouth guard is the way to go.

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