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Sedation Dentistry

There’s no question: a visit to the dentist may cause dental anxiety in some people.

We want everyone to feel welcome at our office. Whether you feel a little anxious or a lot, we want you to leave it at the door. We can help you do this through dental sedation, also known as laughing gas, which you may have heard is called sleep dentistry.

During dental treatments, giving you nitrous oxide lowers your stress level, helping you relax and more readily accept dental work about to be done.

Call 905-791-3867 or book your appointment online to see if oral sedation can be used for your next dental treatment.

The case for dental sedation

Though it also goes by the name ‘laughing gas,’ the benefits of nitrous oxide go far beyond giving you the giggles. It gives you a sense of calm, even euphoria.

You receive nitrous oxide by wearing a comfortable mask and inhaling it through your nostrils. It only takes a few minutes, sometimes less, for the relaxation to occur.

However long it takes to work, we can also provide you with a local anesthetic to start your procedure without causing unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Because, after all, you come to see us to remove pain and reduce discomfort caused by damaged or injured teeth and gums.

Nitrous may have a few short-term side effects and, though not very common, may still occur. In some cases, patients experience side effects from inhaling the nitrous too quickly or inhaling too much. If this happens, a patient may temporarily experience:

  • dizziness, nausea, or vomiting
  • shivering, sweating
  • headache, fatigue

It is also possible that a person may experience a high sensation when they receive nitrous oxide. They may also be aware of sound distortions.

Few and easily manageable side effects are big reasons nitrous is appropriate to use with adults and children. This kind of sedation is not a frill but another way to ensure we’re helping you.

Nitrous: easily and quickly reversible

As fast as nitrous takes effect, it wears off as quickly and easily.

This sets it apart from other forms of general anesthesia for dentistry sedation.

When the specific dental treatment is done, you breathe pure oxygen for a few minutes, quickly reversing the effects of the nitrous.

You leave the office on your own, under your own power.

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If you live in or near Brampton, call 905-791-3867 or book an appointment online. Come see us to find out how sedation dentistry can help you for your next dental treatment.

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