Why You Should Pay Attention to Periodontitis

Periodontal problems

Gums play an essential role in maintaining the health of your mouth.

According to the Canadian Dental Association, 7 out of 10 Canadians will experience gum disease in their lifetime. It is the most common dental problem, and if ignored, can quickly become a big one.

Healthy gums appear pink, firm, free from inflammation, and do not bleed when brushed regularly. And, since gum disease can develop painlessly, initially, it can be tough to recognize. But left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to weakened gums or tooth loss.

What causes periodontitis?

Gingivitis is a milder form of gum disease, while periodontitis is the more serious of the two. But both conditions can be influenced by several factors, including:

  • smoking
  • hormonal changes
  • medications
  • HIV infections
  • Diabetes.

According to the Canadian Dental Association, periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory response to dental plaque.

What are the symptoms of periodontitis?

One of the most common symptoms is loose teeth. Periodontitis affects the bone and gums that support and keep teeth in their place.

Bone loss develops over time, and pockets appear around the teeth and below the gum line causing exposed roots and loose teeth. These exposed roots must receive professional treatment.

Other symptoms include:

  • persistent bad breath
  • pus, or a bad taste from your gums
  • bleeding gums
  • gums that seem to be pulling away from your teeth

How can I get rid of periodontitis?

The damage that occurs from periodontal disease is usually permanent; however, there are some critical steps you can take to prevent it.

  • brush twice a day
  • floss daily
  • replace your toothbrush regularly
  • don’t smoke or chew tobacco
  • use an electric toothbrush
  • supplement brushing and flossing with an interdental cleaner (dental pick, brush, stimulator stick)
  • visit your dentist often to get regular cleanings

Remember that prevention of gum disease starts at home with a regular oral hygiene routine. If you think you have any signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, don’t wait until it gets beyond your control.

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