Why Starting Dental Checkups in Early Childhood is Crucial for Oral Health

Dentistry for children

According to most dental professionals, children should see a dentist by age one.

Early dental exams for kids allow for detecting and preventing dental issues and help establish good oral health habits from an early age.

It may sound obvious, but we also recommend going to a dentist with experience in children’s dentistry; it does not necessarily need to be a pediatric dentist’s office.

Need more reasons why the age of one is the best time for a child’s first dental visit?

  1. Checking for decay & cavities: A dentist or dental hygienist can check for any signs of tooth decay or cavities by examining the child’s teeth early on. Early detection allows for timely intervention and treatment, preventing further complications.
  2. Acclimatization to the dental environment: By introducing a child to the dental office at a young age, they become familiar with the environment and develop a comfort level with dental visits, helping to alleviate any dental anxiety and make future visits easier.
  3. Assessing primary (baby tooth) development: The sequence in which a child’s primary teeth (baby teeth) erupt is more important than the timing. A dental professional can assess if the teeth are coming in properly and provide guidance if any issues are detected.
  4. Educating on oral care: Parents can receive guidance on proper oral care techniques for their child, including brushing techniques, toothpaste selection, and frequency of brushing, which helps establish good oral hygiene habits and practices at home.
  5. Addressing oral habits: Dental professionals can address everyday oral habits in children, such as thumb sucking, bruxism (teeth grinding), and tongue thrusting. They can advise on managing and discouraging these habits if necessary.
  6. Diet and oral health connection: The dentist can educate parents on the link between diet and oral health. Moreover, providing guidance on which foods and beverages are beneficial or harmful to dental health, helping parents make informed choices for their child’s diet.
  7. Avoiding harmful habits: Dentists and dental hygienists can recommend preventing bad habits, such as allowing the child to sleep with sugary liquids, which can contribute to tooth decay.
  8. Use of fluoride: Dental professionals can assess the child’s fluoride needs and recommend fluoride supplementation or fluoride toothpaste.
  9. Assessing the oral cleanliness of your child’s teeth: The dentist can evaluate the child’s teeth and provide feedback on the effectiveness of oral hygiene practices. They may offer suggestions or demonstrations on how to improve cleaning techniques.

Early dental visits for children help establish a foundation for good oral health. They can prevent potential oral hygiene problems and save on future dental costs. Are you looking for a dental office in Brampton? Look no further than Keshavarz Dentistry, one of Brampton’s most recommended dental practices.

Yours in excellent children’s dental health and hygiene,

Dr. F. Keshavarz Dentistry in Brampton, Ontario

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