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There are a lot of teeth whitening systems out there:
1.    Teeth Whitening strips that you can buy at your pharmacy.
2.    Tooth pastes that claim to whiten your teeth.
3.    Special lights that are focused on your teeth for a period of time in the dental office.
4.    Laser bleaching – in office.
5.    Bleaching gels that are applied directly to your teeth at home with bleaching trays that are custom fit to your mouth.

I particularly like the at home teeth whitening systems (also known as teeth whitening at home) where we make the custom trays for you. I find that they provide the best result.

How at home bleaching systems work
The process is actually quite easy. We take impressions (or moulds) of your upper and lower teeth. With these, we make custom bleaching trays which you will use to apply the bleaching solution to your teeth. We then explain how to use the bleaching system. The one we supply at our office is used by the patient in the morning and at night for half an hour each time. This is done for about 9-12 days. We record the shade of your teeth at the start, so we can compare it to the end result. Generally, the difference is quite significant.

However, there are two situations where we discourage the use of teeth whitening via bleaching systems:
1.    One is when the patient has overly sensitive teeth i.e., sensitive to cold stimuli. In this case the bleaching solution may end up irritating the teeth causing them to be more sensitive afterwards. However some bleaching systems do supply desensitizers which can help with this problem.

2.    Second is when someone has filling material, porcelain crowns or veneers covering the front surface of their teeth. The bleaching solution will only work on enamel, which is the natural outer layer of the tooth. It will not bleach or whiten any artificial surfaces such as the porcelain (crown) or filling material (resin). So if someone who has a few crowns or fillings on their front teeth tries to whiten their teeth, the result will be uneven, since the bleaching solution will only work on the enamel!

Learn more about teeth whitening options and stay tuned for our next entry where we’ll address some common questions about teeth bleaching.

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