Infection Prevention and Patient Safety

Incetion Control at the Dental Office

It’s perfectly normal for people to be concerned about the cleanliness and sterilization procedures that are taken when they visit their local dentist…and that the steps taken to maintain the highest level of patient care are followed.

While the risk of infection as a result of a dental procedure is extremely low, we at Dr. F. Keshavarz Dentistry dental office feel it important to inform you of our sterilization procedures as well as our infection control protocol within the office. Prior to performing every dental procedure:
1)    A fresh pair of gloves and mask is worn when treating each and every patient.
2)    All dental bibs, needles, suction tips and saliva ejectors are disposed of after each patient visit.
3)    Our dental office has a modern high speed drilling system. The advantage of this system is that it enables all hand pieces to be heat sterilized in an ‘autoclave.’ As a result, each patient has a fresh sterile hand piece.
4)    All instruments are sterilized. A sealed bag of sterile instruments is used for each patient.
5)    All blood contaminated waste (cotton rolls, gauze, bibs, and used needles) is stored separately and subsequently picked up regularly by a medical waste management company.
6)    The dental chairs and the office counters are cleaned between each patient visit with a surface disinfectant.
7)    The office uses a lead apron for radiation protection during X-rays. The X-ray equipment is checked annually under the Healing Arts Radiation Protection Regulation or H.A.R.P  program.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the steps we take to maintain a clean and safe environment, or would like further information on the subject, please do not hesitate to contact us at 905-791-3867.

Yours in cleanliness,

Dr. F. Keshavarz Dentistry, Your Local Brampton Dentist

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