Icon Teeth Whitening Treatment: After Braces

Icon Teeth Treatment to Remove Spots

The big day is here, the braces are coming off, and you’re ready to see those beautiful new teeth that look great! But you can’t help noticing all those stains on your very visible enamel. Traditional braces can make it challenging to remove plaque from teeth, leading to staining. In addition, orthodontic brackets can leave white spots and circles behind when removed.

Unfortunately, your orthodontist will not offer whitening services. We recommend visiting our dental office to discuss your best options.

Icon teeth treatment is one of the most popular and safest ways to address teeth whitening after removing orthodontic braces. 

Why Do Braces Leave White Marks on Teeth? 

Those white stains on your teeth are the build-up of plaque which is very dangerous to the health of your teeth. Plaque produces harmful, mineral-stripping acids, which can create patchy, decalcified areas on the surface of your teeth that do not reflect light in the same way as the surrounding area.

Often, the chalky white appearance of this decalcification is a precursor to much bigger problems like decay or ‘dental caries.’ Severe dental caries can cause pain and infection, which may result in eventual tooth extraction.

Icon Treatment is Safe and Painless

Icon is a simple and comfortable treatment that can correct the appearance of white, yellow, or brown spots. The procedure takes only one visit making it a perfect solution for young children and teenagers suffering from post-orthodontic discoloration. Adults can also seek icon treatment for tooth discoloration; however, we recommend waiting six months after orthodontic brace removal before seeking whitening treatments.

What is Icon Treatment Like?  

The dentist rinses and cleanses your teeth before applying an etching gel. A resin is applied and left on to penetrate your teeth more deeply. Next, the excess resin is removed, and the teeth are cured with a striking new look and life. Depending on the result, this process may be repeated.

Finally, the dentist will polish and reveal your new smile. Get used to it, because Icon treatment results are long-lasting. Avoid dark-coloured foods or beverages that may stain teeth for up to 24 hours after treatment.

Contact us if you’d like to shine your smile after removing orthodontic brackets and learn more about the benefits of Icon Teeth Treatment.

Book a dental appointment by calling (905) 791-3867 or book online. You’ll be glad you did!

Yours in Excellent Oral Hygiene,

Dr. F. Keshavarz, Dentistry in Brampton.

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