How To Get The Most Stubborn Kid To Brush Their Teeth

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How To Get The Most Stubborn Kid To Brush Their Teeth

The good dental and oral hygiene habits that you establish with your children while they’re young will set them up for a healthy life. But…what do you do when your kids just don’t seem interested in brushing properly?

Here are some great tips on how to help establish healthy everyday routines.

Remember: taste matters
The fresh minty flavours that adults often prefer in toothpaste are sometimes too much for younger palates. The premise is simple: if they like the taste, they’ll brush longer. A good tip is to keep two or three different flavours on hand so that kids can choose, and feel involved in the process.

Choose children’s toothbrushes
Choose a soft or even ultra-soft toothbrush that is designed for children, not adults. If your local store has a limited selection, you can find better brushes online. While teeth are coming in, and jaw bones are growing, it’s essential to find a comfortable, soft brush for your child. Tip: let your child choose their own toothbrush.

Make it fun
Songs, games, and other activities around tooth brushing time can help make the experience a positive one for your child. Ask your dentist whether an electric toothbrush is suitable, and if so, you can find interactive toothbrushes with songs and games built in. There are also cell phone apps – like “Brush DJ” that you can download to help make sure kids brush long enough.

Move it away from bedtime
Yes, you want your child to brush their teeth before bed, but if you try and separate the two activities a little, you can avoid the negative association with bedtime. Make sure they brush after the last time they eat, and then let bedtime be a separate battle.

Set a good example
Remember, little eyes and ears see and hear everything. If you maintain a daily dental health regimen, the chances are your children will too. They will certainly look to your example on how to take care of themselves.

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