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Apparently, we live in a very stressed out world. And we have to work hard in different ways to achieve a balance that keeps us in a ‘good place’. We do this through exercise, eating well, prayer and other ways which may encompass a holistic approach.

Dental wellness is a big part of this and here’s how it works.

Research has shown that there seems to be a link between gum disease (which is called periodontitis), and cardiovascular disease.

If you have an abundance of plaque in your mouth and your gums are in poor condition, then this is a problem.

Plaque is made up of millions of bacteria. When someone’s gums are in poor condition, they are usually quite red, swollen and bleed readily, i.e., if you brush or floss, they bleed.

The bacteria from the plaque can then enter the blood this way and make their way to the arteries that  supply the heart. The bacteria can set up deposits in these arteries which can then affect blood flow.  And when the blood flow becomes compromised, this can lead to a heart attack.

In addition, the arterial deposits may become loose which can result in a stroke if the blockage is in the brain.

So, the key is to keep the plaque away and make sure your gums are in good condition.

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