Dental Care During Pregnancy

Dental Care During Pregnancy

When to visit a dentist during pregnancy? Is it necessary to make a dental appointment during pregnancy at all?

After all, there are so many things on your plate as an expectant mother, if you can leave dental check-ups until after the baby is born, where’s the harm? That attitude may be common, but it’s a misconception. Pregnant women need to pay special attention to dental care.

Pregnancy and oral health

Oral and dental health is linked to overall health—you can’t separate the two. So, while you are concerned with your health in relation to the growing baby, you need to be concerned with maintaining good oral health too.

Pregnancy can make certain conditions worse, due to hormonal changes, which make the gums more susceptible to irritation from acids, for example.

  • Pregnancy gingivitis is one example—Gums become tender and may swell; they may bleed slightly when brushing or flossing. Up to half of pregnant women will develop this condition, but your dentist can help you get it under control.

  • Tooth decay—There is an increased risk of decay for a variety of reasons. Tip: If you have morning (or any time of day) sickness, be sure to rinse your mouth with water afterwards to clear it of stomach acids.

  • Pregnancy tumours—Despite their alarming name, these are small, red growths on the gums are generally simply due to swelling, and disappear after the pregnancy ends.

Are dental procedures safe for pregnant women?

In general, the answer to the question is yes. It is safe and in fact, recommended that pregnant women visit the dentist at least once during their pregnancy for a check-up.

  • Let your dentist know as soon as possible—even if the pregnancy has yet to be confirmed.

  • If you have a chronic condition, or the pregnancy is high risk, your dentist and doctor can both recommend which procedures should be postponed until after the pregnancy.

  • Local anesthetics, such as numbing the gums for a cavity fill or root canal, are completely safe to use during pregnancy.

  • X-rays—With a protective apron that covers you during the procedure, and the low level of radiation used, dental x-rays are quite safe for pregnant women.

Remember that, even if postponing dental procedures may seem like a good idea, it also opens up the potential for infection, which can affect your health overall, and the baby’s too. On a practical note, no matter how busy you are, you will still have more time for check-ups and routine procedures during your pregnancy than after the baby is born.

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