Let’s get to the root of the problem-Part 3

The Root of the Problem

I promise, the last root entry !

We’ve learned that the root of the tooth is soft and can decay pretty easily. We also know that it can be quite painful if something comes in contact with it…particularly something cold….ouch !

In addition…hence the need for a part 3, it is possible to end up with ‘notched  lesions’ or  ‘concavities’ on these soft root surfaces. Because the roots are soft, they can wear down quite easily if you brush aggressively or use a hard toothbrush. I will address proper brushing and flossing techniques in a future entry.

As mentioned previously, the root surfaces end up with grooves or concavities in them. In some extreme cases, the grooves can get so deep, that they come close to the central nerve of the tooth. I’ve actually had to do root canals on a couple of teeth where this has happened. But not to worry….this doesn’t happen often.

We often treat these areas by bonding filling material into them. This involves practically no drilling. By adding tooth colored filling material to these areas, we accomplish two things. First: we restore the natural contour of the tooth surface, which prevents the groove from getting worse. Second: by filling these areas in, we are covering up exposed nerve endings which may alleviate the pain you can get when something comes in contact with them….Ouch!

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