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I’m almost 50 and let me tell you, it’s not like 20. I can’t eat as much as I used to and I have to exercise in order to keep the weight off. Once the teenage years are over, you have to work harder to keep ‘things‘ the same. This same principle applies to our mouths…particularly the gums.

If a teenager has a lot of plaque in their mouth, their gums will generally be red, swollen and bleed quite readily. But, as an adult, this same plaque may have a worse effect than just swollen gums , also known as gingivitis. The plaque may cause actual bone loss and this bone is what holds the roots of the teeth in the jaws.

So, if you want to imagine, the tooth is the ‘house’ and the gums and bone, also known as the periodontium, are the ‘foundation’ of the house. Basically, if you lose the bone that’s holding the roots of the teeth in, then the teeth will become loose as time goes on. The key is to keep your gums in really good condition.

When you floss, try to give your gums a good workout. This is done by mechanically stimulating them while flossing. If when flossing your gums bleed or hurt, don’t stop. Unfortunately, however, most people will stop flossing if their gums bleed because they feel they are damaging them. This is actually considered a favorable bleeding though and through repeated massaging, their gums will toughen up and become healthy.

This concept is similar to going to the gym and working your muscles and underlying bones, except this is a workout for your gums.

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